Profit and loss to India and Indians by boycotting Chinese products.

Although China’s goods do not last much, but they sell a lot. China has greatly strengthened its roots in India in the last 15 years. Due to cheap products, traders also make good profits by selling Chinese products. They ask for unrealistic and unwanted price. They also do not guarantee any goods. At this time, let us know in detail what are the benefits and disadvantages of the people from the boycott of Chinese products –

  1. By accidentally stopping any system, the possibility of very heavy damage is reinforced and its adverse effects also have to be endured.Nothing happens by mere boycott, but before boycotting any product or mechanism, a plan has to be planned to avoid its side effects in a planned manner.There is no benefit from leaving the prank (jumla) and issuing the Tughlaqi decree. You cannot put everyone’s life at stake to achieve your personal goal as quickly as possible.
  2. If we do not sell Chinese products, the employment crisis in India will deepen. There is no pre-arranged means or option to deal with which can prevent immediate damage. Mobile companies, light companies, people employed in the plastics industry, etc. will have a very bad effect and many people will become unemployed.
  3. Businessmen in India buy and sell Chinese products in large quantities and store them in very large quantities.
    A sudden boycott decision would hurt them in large amounts. Many people borrow in the market or they have taken a loan from someone that will be trapped.Apart from this, the merchant also needs capital to start a new business, which may have to be raised on interest.
  4. If India imports products or raw materials from a country, it also exports products made from it, etc. This decision will also have an impact on import-export.
  5. Coordination of boycott and corruption with immediate effect is indicative of a major crisis in which the poor and the middle class are poised. India is a developing country and not a developed country. Developing countries depend more on others than themselves. Those who give knowledge of self-sufficiency should also understand that to promote Indian products, now we have to adopt the product manufacturing method more than 30 years back. Because we have to operate from the man – machine, not the machine, so that the prices of products and raw materials will be under control.

Looking at the current situation, it seems that difficulties are on the rise and the demon of corruption is ready to swallow the people.
Overall, the sinking of India’s economy is going to be another hole. And if this remains so, the day is not far when the Indian people (mainly the poor, farmers and the middle class) will be penurious for every single penny.

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