Dear folks,
On this International Women’s Day! Whatever we will say is less in praise of woman power. But believe me whatsoever I am going to writing here, is worthwhile and much enough to understand. It’s a small tribute to entire women community. So guys please look into it –

You can’t be born on earth,
if someone won’t tolerate the intolerance to give birth to you.
The only one can do this,
that is A Lady!

The one, who has reserved these inaccessible rights to tolerate acute grief of your kicks
inside the womb and outside as well.
Doesn’t matter,
how painful and lethal is it,
That human is A Lady!

The one, who has immense patience, courage and control over her senses
in compare to any other creature of this world.
Besides that being most important oftenly she act like a common or the most underdog and dispensable person just for the sake of her family with complete dedication and never complaint, is A Lady!

Lifespan journey of a woman is always filled with thorny paths, rejections, denials and sacrifices. inspite of that she always wear an adorable smile on her face and always ready to face any consequences in return for the safety of her loved ones. Is, A Lady!

Whose Love, Care, Temper, Chanting, passion, thinking, Patience, Paticipation, Civility, Anticipation, Responsibilities, Duties, throb, Accountability, Restlessness, Anxiety, Survival, Blankness, Priority, Dreams, Flurry, Desires, Compassion. Infact overall dedication towards her child and family is intact and unshakeable till her last breath or till her life is there. The one who walks together with us selflessly without taking care of her own individual life purposes, is actually A Lady!

So guys, Please don’t DISRESPECT a woman. Respect A Woman, A Lady, A Sister, A Mother….. First learn to respect her in any form and do tolerate her before she get intolerable.
Otherwise, one day that may lead to the distruction of the world unprecedentedly.

Please pass on this message to others and show your respect towards Women’s and empowered them, encourage them to keep contributing for the afflux of the society, henceforth.

Happy Women’s Day!

Thanks for Reading🙏🙏🙏

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