Happy Mother’s Day! How can you make your mother to feel special? Let’s understand and let’s do.

Importance of Mother for a child cannot be express in simple words. The crispy expectation of this relation from a child to his/her mother can be found understood by listening following old days type lines –

When someone your very close or one who loves you a lot, hurt you. then you always remember your childhood living days with your mother.
She always take care of you even after taking too much anxiety and burden of your upbringing but she never complained. In fact, our mother is always welcoming us in listening our complains towards her. Although she better knows that her child may be wrong somewhere. Such as – Likes dislikes in demanding food, Molest the mother by speaking anything, We demand the mother to use her time at any time by demanding anything. Even, we feel our right on the routine of our mother.

Beyond all this, mother does not leave any stone upturned in our upbringing and at the same time, by sacrificing her desires in life, she is devoted to us and strives to make our future bright and for our benefit from time to time. It protects us like an impenetrable armor to save us from impending calamities.

Now the question arises that – Mother does our best efforts and sacrifices to make us able to live life, but can we ever perform our duties well towards our mother?

So, the answer is obvious and clear like a mirror – no matter how much we try, we can never repay our mother’s maternity debt. Yes, we can bring a smile on her face sometimes with some effort and we can also try not to hurt her because of us.

Now the question arises – what should be done to spread the smile on the mother’s face?
And, it would not be unfair to say that the mother smiles even in sorrow. Like a rose blooming on a branch of thorns.
Nor does the mother believe in getting her children to welcome her. In contrast, the mother, on the contrary, spends her generosity and affection on her children for a lifetime.

It is as easy to please a mother who is full of divine form and simple personality, to win and to give happiness to a baby by excreting it.

To give happiness to our mother, we can write something in honor of our mother and tell her, we can make this day memorable and special by worshiping her like a god, offering flowers and honoring her on Mother’s Day once a year.

Even we can make a favorite mother’s dish for mother with our hands and feed them with our hands like our mother used to feed us in childhood. And you will also remember those days when mother used to keep a hand fan for us in the warm summer so that we could sleep comfortably.

Ultimately, I would like to tell you that, there can be no greater gift for a mother than that her children live with their mother forever and never leave their mother alone. Just as the mother made every sacrifice, she never left you alone nor did she return from her motherly duty.

                                           - Abhishek Sharma

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