Are the chances of war between India and Pakistan increasing during the lockdown period? If yes So why, let’s find out.

With terrorism and jihad becoming more active in areas near the Indian border, there is a possibility of a decisive war between India and Pakistan. And this is not the only reason, apart from this there are many more reasons which can be inferred that there are strong signs of war between India and Pakistan.
Come. Know and understand them by following points –

1. It would not be wrong to say, first of all, that only terrorists or jihadist are eager to fight India. This time, curiosity is also very strong from India. India is ready to answer brick with stone because the coordination between the three army forces of India is very good at this time. And India’s military power plan against terrorism is also very strong.

2. India cannot have a better opportunity to attack Pakistan and terrorism because India is currently in lockdown. Because, it can be said that even the hidden terrorists in India are not able to carry out their activities due to lockdown at this time. And if they come out of the house to do any activity, then they will be caught immediately. In such a situation, external terrorism will not get the support of the terrorists hiding within India.

3. At present, due to Corona epidemic, almost all the countries are busy in recovering themselves from this crisis. And except for a few selected countries, the economic situation of the countries around the world has become damaging at this time.
So it can be inferred from this that, even the powerful countries of the world will take less interest at this time to intervene to prevent war on India and Pakistan due to their own personal reasons. One of the reasons behind this is that terrorism has become a major crisis for countries around the world.
Especially when the issue of war for India is to take possession of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir so that the infiltration of terror can be stopped in India and after the removal of Section 370, the situation of Kashmir can become normal. Also, the terrorists could not succeed in tricking the Kashmiris against India.

4. The fourth important possibility is that, The control of Pakistan’s Vajir – e – Azam has almost ended over Pakistan and the control of Pakistani military and terrorism has increased very strongly over Pakistan.
In such a situation, Pakistan is bound to attack India.
Since, the loss or death of ordinary citizens of Pakistan will not affect the intentions of the terrorists. And by the way, if the purpose of terrorism is to capture India, then to make their plan successful, they will make the people of Pakistan a scapegoat.
And, Eid is going to come anyway.

It will now be seen that, in the time to come, India will eliminate terrorism. So will the countries supporting terrorism also come into the war zone against India.
And the attitude of occupying the country jealous of India and thinking of India as weak, will it stand against India at that time?

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