7 essential ways to show respect to the national flag of the country(Host your country’s flag with pride).

1. Whenever holding the flag of your country, the flag should always be kept above your shoulders. Do not support the flag on the shoulders but instead wave it upwards in the air with force, not downward.

2. There is also a way to fold the flag. The flag is not fixed like ordinary clothes. You can easily find videos of the process of how to fix it at the time of flag hoisting on the Internet. The flag should be maintained in the same way that a mother takes care of her newborn baby.

3. Hold the country’s flag with your two hands and carry it above the head and run away. By doing this you will definitely have a wonderful feeling of respect and love for the country.

4. If you see the flag of your country in an inconsistent or objectionable position on a road, entangled in some wires or anywhere, then pick it up from there and take it under your protection. The national flag of the country is not unclaimed, it is our responsibility to treat the flag of our country like a deponent.

5. Just like we are interested in buying the best clothes for ourselves, similarly we should also take the best quality of flag cloth. Khadi clothes should be given priority. Doing so also shows respect and dedication to our country and the flag.

6. If you see the flag of the country, first of all, salute it. This is the best way to honor the flag and if the flag is of India, then our countrymen should say “Jai Hind” or “Bharat Mata ki Jai” together, then it will be icing on the cake.

7. Finally, I would like to say that, if you want to give respect to your country’s flag, then you can put your country’s flag in your office, in your home or office garden, etc. Additionally, on special occasions related to the country, you can put the badge of your country’s flag on the left side of your chest over a kurta-kurti, kameez or T-shirt..

Our dedication to the country’s flag reflects our patriotism. Respect it.
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